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New photo Cool

Now I have designed a new picture. It’s called Cool.
It is a picture with many gradient colors in. It looks really good to Samsung Galaxy s9 plus.
Below you will see what it looks like. You will also find it  in the shop of Redbubble
Link here. 
Hope you enjoy it.

You must see this pictures of an incredible photographer

I’m completely speechless!
I have just found a photographer who has incredible photos. I have never seen the same. It is such a warmth to animals in the picture.
Do you love animals, you love his photos. You have to see them! A hugely skilled image editing. With a huge sharpness and colors.
I have got a new model and source of inspiration.
His name is Marcel Van Luit.
You’ll find him here.


It’s probably the most beautiful flower I know. Especially the old-fashioned pink color is my favorite.
I just love it.
It is very nice on photos, along with a little gray and rusty.
Shows one of my favorites here how it turned out.
Which is your favorite flower?

Frida in the studio

The other day I had a visit of a wonderful dog called Frida! She is a mixed breed dog originally from Ireland.
She has come to Sweden through a helping organization that helps dogs to better homes.
Frida has been lucky to get to a wonderful family who loves her above all else.
She is a happy free happy dog and are10 years old.

She had to enter the studio and I took some studio images on her. She was like a photo model.
It looked like she loved being in the spotlight. So fun to see her eyes glittered with joy.
A wise and understanding dog.

Here are some pictures of her. Hope you like them.

KGC- Katharinas Graphic Corner
Katharina Hilmersson

Latest News

Latest News

New Textures for instant download
Made some more textures to the etsy shop. You can use them for both personal and commersial use. To photography or scrapbooking maybe. Please take a look and see what you will like. 
To the Etsy shop